Erin Eder has teamed up with producer Bill McDermott of Nashville to release new music on her Red Carpet EP Spring 2015.  With interest already being shown on the west coast, this is a new sound from Erin Eder and her fans are going to love it!

Pre-promotion began with Bobby Golomboski, aka the Iceman, spinning “Strong Shot of You”, the first single released from Eder’s new EP, Fresh off the Red Carpet.  It was spotlighted twice and made the top 40 in the first 2 weeks of airplay.  The song debuted in the Netherlands, January 2nd and will soon be promoted to Music Row Country Breakout stations throughout the United States. 

With a sneak preview, Eder first interviewed with BUZZ Russell of KNES TEXAS 99 in December introducing her new sound, “Strong Shot of You”.  BUZZ has followed Erin for several years, spinning and reviewing her music.  After listening to “Strong Shot”, BUZZ remarked, “Excellent, I think you found your ‘wheelhouse’!”

Fresh off the Red Carpet has more surprises for the Erin Eder audience.  Stepping on to uncharted territory, Eder‘s vocals magically align from LA to New York, meeting smack dab in the middle at Nashville, USA.  Eder’s talent and tenacity should land her right where she needs to be-Fresh off the Red Carpet.



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